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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flash Builder 4 -dump-config Additional Compiler Options Documentation Bug

According to the Adobe Online Documentation for Flash Builder 4, when you want to dump the config file of a project you have to use the absolute path to define where you want the config file to be. This is incorrect.

To dump a config, open Project->Properties->Flex (Library) Compiler and add the following to additional compiler options: -dump-config {pathRelativeToProjectSrcFolder}/{configFileName}.xml. For me, {pathRelativeToProjectSrcFolder} is ../ANT as I store my configs for automated builds on Hudson inside each project under the project root in ANT. I usually name my config file the name of the project with -config.xml. So for an imaginary project called Dump, the file structure looks like this:

  • Dump
    • src/
      • Default Package/
        • Dump.mxml
    • libs/
    • bin-debug/
    • ANT/
      • dump-config.xml
In the Dump project, the additional compiler args to add are: -dump-config ../ANT/dump-config.xml.

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